1. Choose Your Dragon

Browse our website to see what baby bearded dragons we have available on the FOR SALE page. Once you choose your dragon and complete checkout, we will send you an email within 24 hours to arrange shipping. We are happy to hold your dragon for a reasonable amount of time while you get set up and ready. If you don't see any babies in stock you can message us on the CONTACT page to see if we have any upcoming clutches in the incubator. 

 2. Get Setup

Here is a quick checklist of everything you will need prior to receiving your dragon:

  • Tank or Terrarium (at least 40 gallons is recommended through adulthood)

  • Newspaper, paper towels or reptile carpet to fill the bottom

  • Logs, branches and any other pet friendly objects for the dragon to bask on and hide under

  • A heating source capable of keeping the dragon’s basking area at 100 to 110°F 

  • Food in the form of crickets, worms, or roaches as well as leafy greens

Read the CARE page to go over in detail everything you will need to prepare for your new beardie.

 3. Receive Your Dragon

We ship all dragons with Fedex Priority Overnight which typically get delivered in the morning. The dragon is not harmed at all from the safe packaging method in an insulated box with heat packs. When you receive your beardie, you can immediately put them in their new tank, give them a couple hours to warm up and offer food and a bath. It can take up to a week for your beardie to get used to their new environment.

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