The cost of a beardie varies due to some factors: age, morphs, colors, size, etc. You could spend as little as $80 for a typical baby bearded dragon from a pet store, or $800+ for certain rare morphs like zeros and witblits. You will have some initial costs like the tank, lights, decorations, as well as recurring costs for food, fresh substrate, cleaning supplies and supplements. Remember, bearded dragons are a commitment for the next 10 years of your life so make sure you are ready and able to invest your time and some money before purchasing one. For a simple breakdown of costs of owning a bearded dragon, see below:

One time Expenses:

  1. Bearded Dragon: $200-$800 on avg (Varies by morph & color)

  2. Tank/Terrarium: $100-$400 (One time purchase if at least 40 to 60 gallons)

  3. Decorations: $20-$100

Total Initial Cost: $400-$1,100 range

Recurring Expenses:

  1. Heat/Lights: $50-$100 (annual- semiannual)

  2. Substrate/Cleaning: $2-$10/month (recurring)

  3. Food/Supplements: $10-$50/month (recurring)

Total Monthly Expenses: $20-$50/month per dragon

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